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What should be considered when selecting module power supply?

Author: ZYG Technology Ltd release time: 2022-6-11 CTR: 52

No matter what we buy in our daily life, we will have to consider for a long time, not only the comparison but also the quality of all aspects. Therefore, when we choose to use the DC-DC module power supply, in addition to the most basic voltage conversion function, we also need to consider the following aspects:

1. Maximum power

It is generally suggested that the specific application output power should be 30~80% of the rated power of the module power supply. Within this output power range, the characteristics of all levels of the module power supply should be fully utilized, which be abundant and stable.

Too clear load leads to luxury waste of resources, excessive temperature, and credibility of the negative impact. All module power supplies have a certain load capacity.


2. Encapsulation type

Module power packaging types are various, in line with the national standard is also, non-standard is also, take an enterprise commodity, for example, the same output power commodities have different packaging, the same wind transfer commodities have different output power, so how to choose the type of packaging? The key lies in the following three levels:

(1) The volume must be as small as possible under the standard of output power, so as to be more intelligent for other parts of the system software.

(2) We should try our best to select the commodities conforming to the national standard. Due to good compatibility mode, we are not limited to two or three manufacturers of delivery.

(3) It should be extensible, which is conducive to the system software expansion and upgrade. Choose this kind of package, the system software because of the role of the upgrade of the power supply regulation to improve, the power module package will not change, the system software PCB layout can be without modification. This greatly simplifies the technology upgrade upgrade, save time.


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