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What is the module power mode

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Some friends have raised some questions on the Internet. Here, the editor has answered them in detail to give you some help: My friend asked: Excuse me, what is the design definition of a module power supply? As a Chinese module power supply manufacturer, let’s take a look at it with you.

A modular power supply is a power supply that can be mounted directly on a printed circuit board. Due to the many advantages of the modular structure, the modular power supply is widely used in communication fields such as switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, routers, automotive electronics, aerospace, and other fields.


SD Series(60~120W)

Advantages of module power supply

1. The design is simple, only one power module and several discrete components are needed to obtain the power supply.

2. Shorten the development cycle. Modular power supplies typically come with a variety of input and output options. Users can also repeatedly stack or cross-stack to form a block combined power supply to achieve multiple inputs and multiple outputs, which greatly shortens the development time of prototypes.

3. Be flexible. If the product design needs to be changed, simply convert or parallel another suitable power module.

4. Low technical requirements. Weiss modular power supplies typically feature standardized front ends, highly integrated power modules, and other components that make them easier to design.

5. The shell of the module power supply adopts the trinity structure of radiator, radiator, and shell, which realizes the conduction and heat dissipation of the module power supply, and makes the power supply temperature close to the minimum value. At the same time, the Jinyutai package of the module power supply is given.
6. Good and reliable quality, module power supply is generally fully automatic production, and equipped with high-tech production technology, the quality is stable and reliable.

The modular power supply can be widely used in aerospace, locomotives, ships, military weapons, power generation, and distribution, post and telecommunications, metallurgy, mining, automatic control, household appliances, instrumentation, scientific research experiments, and other social production and life fields, especially in high reliability and high-tech fields.


How about the modular power capacity
C: Module power supply capacity. It also refers to the 1kW, 1V equivalent AC module power supply voltage, and the DC bias voltage is 0V, but there may be many modules with different power capacity measurement environments. However, one thing to note is that the power capacity C of the module itself will vary with the environment.

ESL: The module power capacity is equivalent to the power sensing of the series-connected modules. The pin of the module’s power supply capacity has the feeling of the module’s power supply. In low-frequency applications, the inductance is too small to be considered. When the frequency is high, the power induction of the module needs to be considered. For example, the power capacity of a 0.1uf SMD module in the 0805 packages, the power sensor of each pin module is 1.2nh, then the ESL is 2.4nh. We can calculate that the resonant frequency of C and ESL is around 10MHz. When the frequency is greater than 10MHz, the module power capacity is characterized by the module power sensor.


SM Series(60~350W)



ESR: The power capacity of the module is equivalent to the power resistance of the series module. No matter which module power capacity value has an equivalent series module power resistance when the module power capacity value works at the resonant frequency, the module power capacity is proportional to the inductance, so it is equivalent to the series module power resistance. module, the power resistance of the module is ESR. Due to the different power supply capacity structures of the modules, there are great differences. The power supply capacity of the aluminum module power release module ESR is several hundred to several euros, and the power supply capacity of the ceramic module is tens of milligrams. The power supply capability of a tantalum module is between that of an aluminum module and that of a ceramic module.

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