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What are the rules for DC-DC power modules?

Author: ZYG Technology Ltd release time: 2022-5-17 CTR: 83

With the development of The Times, most of our daily needed products need to use DC-DC power module, which rules need to be paid attention to when using DC-DC power module? Let’s learn about it today.

1. Follow the instructions to check whether the correct input signal pin is connected.

2. Confirm whether the slow fuse of the module’s power input meets the specified requirements.

3. The installation of module power must be carried out by professionals to avoid unnecessary damage caused by improper installation.

4. Input and output terminals ensure that customers can not touch and ensure that the output of the module will not short circuit.




5, the power module will make some small sounds when working. This is a normal phenomenon.

6. If the power supply does not work for a long time, it is best to conduct an aging test every once in a while to ensure the service life and reliability of the power supply module.

7. During operation, the temperature of the shell of the power module is very high. Do not touch easily to avoid being scalded.

8. Do not touch the input terminal, nor open the components inside the module power supply, so as not to burn or damage the internal components under high temperature.

9. When the power module is working, try to stay away from it to avoid accidents and harm to yourself.

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