About Small size power module suppliers

Due to technological advancements in many areas, more and more suppliers are offering power modules. Now is the time to take advantage of a new generation of power modules.

The need for higher density circuit boards and reduced system size has driven the need for smaller DC/DC solutions, which has led to the development of power modules.

Power modules are used in power conversion equipment such as industrial motor drives, embedded motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, AC-DC power supplies, and welder power supplies.

Power modules integrate most of the components required for a power supply (synchronous switching regulator ICs, inductors, resistors, and capacitors) into a compact package. The result is an efficient and compact fully integrated solution that meets EMI requirements and keeps power supply design as simple as possible. Designers can move between modules and ICs as needed to trade off cost, size, and ease of use.


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Small size power module suppliers
Small size power module suppliers
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