Как выбрать качественное оформление и надежных производителей силовых модулей?
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Сертификация тестирования

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  • 2022-3-30

    Как обеспечить безопасность импульсного источника питания при неисправности?

    Do you know what problems should be paid attention to in the process of dealing with failures? To keep everyone safe. (1) most of the time in the process of fault processing induction power actual operation, so we must pay attention to can not cause DC output, communication AC input short circuit, all kinds of maintenance special tools must do a good job of insulation layer treatment, to ensure the safety of life and switch power supply machine equipment power supply safety. (2) in the actual operation to single-handed operation as far as possible, the actual operation hand hand does not allow to contain metal material electric conductor decorations, such as watches, keys, rings, etc., together with the insulation shoes...

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  • 2022-5-18

    Является ли специальный модуль питания лучше обычного модуля питания?

    When you buy a power module, do you choose a normal power module or a custom power module? In most cases, generic power modules are available, while custom power modules are specifically set up for certain situations. Then, according to the actual needs of customers, decide whether to customize the power module or buy a general power module. In this highly competitive market, if an enterprise wants to improve the competitiveness of its products, it must make its products have certain highlights, and it becomes very important to differentiate the design of its products. Everybody has something, you have to do it well, everybody doesn't have something, you have to innovate. The so-called custom power module is actually a new...

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  • 2022-8-4

    Некоторые детали, которые необходимо знать производителям силовых модулей

    With the development of the times, the application of power modules is becoming more and more extensive, and the demand is also increasing. However, there are many manufacturers on the market now. When choosing a manufacturer, you also need to pay attention to some details. It is not that the lower the price, the better. 1. Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity Few manufacturers now buy fake and shoddy products, but due to different manufacturing processes, there will definitely be some differences in quality. Therefore, in the procurement of power modules, we need to know the manufacturer's product certificate, so that we can know what the product specifications are, and can quickly choose better quality products. 2. Understand the service life of...

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  • 2022-9-16

    Как выбрать фабрику преобразователя постоянного тока, как выбрать высококачественный преобразователь постоянного тока

    Что такое преобразователь постоянного тока? Преобразователь постоянного тока, также известный как преобразователь постоянного тока или трансформатор постоянного тока, представляет собой схему или электромеханическое устройство, которое преобразует электрическую энергию. Он может преобразовывать мощность постоянного тока (DC) в мощность постоянного тока (или приблизительный постоянный ток) различного напряжения. Его мощность колеблется от очень низкой (маленькие батареи) до очень высокой (передача энергии высокого напряжения). Выходное напряжение некоторых преобразователей постоянного тока имеет ту же опорную точку, что и входное напряжение, в то время как выходное напряжение некоторых преобразователей постоянного тока изолировано от входного напряжения. Выбор катушки индуктивности для преобразователя постоянного тока Процесс выбора катушки индуктивности для преобразователя постоянного тока зависит от многих параметров. В зависимости от задействованных уровней мощности эти катушки индуктивности могут быть довольно большими...

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  • 2022-9-21

    Что нужно учитывать при проектировании силового модуля

    If you are a switching power supply technical engineer, you don't need to read the introduction of the power module. When you are still a novice, or learning microcontroller design, it is best to look down word by word. The benefits of choosing a power module At present, different distributors have released a variety of different power modules in the sales market, but the working voltage, power, function and topology structure types of different products are not the same. Choosing a power module saves development design time and enables a quick time-to-market, so a power module is preferred over an integrated solution. 1. Each control module can be tested rigorously in various aspects to ensure that its aspect ratio is...

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  • 2022-5-5

    Представление китайских производителей модулей питания малого размера

    When we choose a power module, we generally look at the quality of the input, output, ripple, breakdown, temperature, certification, and other characteristics of the power supply. Apart from these, we can also judge according to the following points. 1. Circuit principle and soldering process The bare board can use intuitive methods, such as a neat layout of components and potting modules without being exposed and unable to view the internal situation. The quality of the mechanized wave soldering process is better than manual soldering, generous, but Better in terms of safety and performance 2. The core of the power supply of chip components and transformer components is IC, which will directly affect the power and high-temperature resistance of the...

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