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Author:ZYG Power Modulerelease time:2022-1-3

The development of railway technology

The German motor vehicle technology series, the Canadian mobile car technology series, the French train technology series ans other rail transportation technologies represent the advanced level of the world. China’s rail transit technology has been introduced and developed in recent years, and it has reached the advanced level of the world, but the key traction control technology is still dominated by foreign products.

Since the construction of Shanghai 1 and Guangzhou 1 subway in the 1990s, urban rail transit construction in China widely uses the latest technology and equipment, has built a world-class technical level of urban rail transit system, but the rail transit technology is still in the stage of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation.

In the 1990s, all countries in the world adopted the stepless speed regulating DC motor system or the stepless chopper regulating DC motor system with power electronic control. In1990, after the emergency of GTO, the insulator gate transistor (IGBT), the developed country metro began to adopt the AC drive system of straight – alternating frequency conversion and variable pressure regulating AC motor. Since the 1990s, all new subway lines, monorail and light rail lines have been used in the communication transmission system of IGBT module except Shanghai NO.1 subway. Compared with DC drive, AC drive can reduce the power consumption by 40%. The amount of brake shoe is reduced by more than half due to regenerative braking.

The metro type A car (car width 3 meters /3.2 meters) and type B (2.8 meters wide) are all widely used in the international general application of the non-swing pillow bogies. This kind of bogies has the advantages of simple structure, less spare parts, light weight and less maintenance. Bogies with two lines suspension damping structure, a series adopts metal rubber laminated structure, the department uses the air spring, and is equipped with automatic height adjustment valve, through the exhaust gas and gas supply, automatically adjust the vehicle floor height, with faces matching platform. All different types of vehicles, such as subway A, B, linear electric locomotive, monorail, low-floor light rail, etc., are produced in our country.


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