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Author:ZYG Power Moduleвреме на издавање: 2022-1-3


Smart home controller and home intelligent equipment, is developing toward miniaturization, so it needs to work reliably in limited space and achieve more functions. Such as remote control and panel display for curtain controller.

Power supply mode:

The city power is converted to a stable 5V or 12V voltage source by using the AC/DC power module through 220V, supplying the MCU, relays and other loads.

Project features:

Traditional scheme 1: City power through the power frequency transformer to change into low voltage AC, and then rectifier, filter, voltage stabilizing circuit after processing to get a stable voltage, the disadvantage is large volume, low efficiency, low reliability.

Traditional scheme 2: using the latest switch power supply circuit design, the circuit of the whole cloth in the controller circuit boards. Disadvantages: 1. The design of switching power supply is a very professional, the safe distance in the circuit, thermal design and EMC have high requirements, so that the circuit board is designed to occupy a lot of space, squeezing the controller with other devices in space, is bound to affect the performance of the controller and the volume. 2. The aging of the power supply is not complete, the power supply is only overloaded aging, to expose some of the potential adverse factors, because the controller is responsible for the general circumstances are very light, so that it is possible to stream defective products into the client.

The features and advantages of existing schemes:Embedded Cost

Features: AC/DC module power supply is a stable pressure module with special process. It has good protection and high efficiency.

Advantage: 1. Volume is at least less than half the size of the design control panel. 2. The module body adopts the rubber design, so the security is better. 3. The module design for circuit design only input and output 4 lines for the control panel to save more space layout. 4. The reliability and cost performance of module power supply are higher. 5.The comprehensive cost of production is lower.

Recommended product seriesZP series.

There are important applications in smart home, lighting, electrical applicances and so on.(3~20W)

ZP series — a ultra small size module power supply offered by Zhongyiguang. The whole series is only 1.5cm thick. With extremely low no-load loss, isolated pressure up to 4kv,etc. The product is safe and reliable, which has a good EMC. EMC and safety specifications meet the IEC/EN61000-4、CISPR22/EN55022、The whole series is only 1.5cm thickUL60950/EN60950/EN60601 and other related standards. This series of products are widely used in smart home, high-end decorative lighting, medical, industrial, office and civil industries, such as applied to a relatively harsh environment electromagnetic compatibility must refer to the application circuit.



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