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Building a 120 Volt AC Power Supply for 3 Volts DC

Author: ZYG Power Module Time: 2023-4-21

In this guide, we will be building a 120-volt AC power supply that can provide 3 volts DC output. This power supply will be useful for a variety of electronic projects that require a low voltage DC power source.

To begin, we will need the following materials:

– Transformer: A transformer is a device that converts high voltage AC power to low voltage AC power. In this case, we will need a transformer that can convert 120V AC to 6V AC.

– Bridge rectifier: A bridge rectifier is a circuit that converts AC power to DC power. We will be using a bridge rectifier that can handle at least 1 ampere of current.

– Capacitor: A capacitor is an electronic component that stores electrical energy. We will need a 1000uF capacitor rated for at least 16V.

– Voltage regulator: A voltage regulator is a circuit that maintains a constant output voltage. We will be using a LM317 voltage regulator that can provide a variable output voltage between 1.2V and 37V.

– Heat sink: A heat sink is a device that dissipates heat from electronic components. We will need a heat sink for the LM317 voltage regulator.

– Resistor: We will need a 240 ohm resistor to set the output voltage of the LM317 voltage regulator.

– Miscellaneous: We will also need a breadboard, wires, and a power cord.

Once we have all the required materials, we can start building our power supply. Here are the steps:

1. First, we will connect the transformer to the bridge rectifier. Connect the 6V AC output from the transformer to the AC input of the bridge rectifier. The DC output of the bridge rectifier should be connected to the positive terminal of the capacitor.

2. Next, we will connect the voltage regulator to the capacitor. Connect the positive terminal of the capacitor to the input of the LM317 voltage regulator. The output of the LM317 voltage regulator should be connected to the positive rail of the breadboard.



3. Now, we will set the output voltage of the LM317 voltage regulator. To do this, we will connect a 240 ohm resistor between the output and the adjust pins of the LM317 voltage regulator. The adjust pin should also be connected to the negative rail of the breadboard.

4. Finally, we will add a heat sink to the LM317 voltage regulator to dissipate heat. Mount the heat sink on the LM317 voltage regulator and connect it to the ground rail of the breadboard.

5. Connect the power cord to the transformer and plug it into the wall outlet. The output voltage of the power supply should be set to 3V DC.

Congratulations! You have successfully built a 120V AC power supply that can provide 3V DC output. This power supply can be used in a variety of electronic projects that require a low voltage DC power source. Remember to take caution when working with high voltage AC power, and to always follow proper safety procedures.

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