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 Development of domestic power communication

With the signing of the main equipment order contract of the Beijing and Wuhan microwave circuit, the work on the acceleration of the technical innovation of power communication has also begun.The power communication will actively seek policy permission to participate in the social telecommunication market on the basis of meeting the needs of grid safety production. In the modern era, information and communication technologies are developing rapidly. The development trend of telecommunication technology is network business application IP, network exchange technology grouping, network infrastructure broadband, network function structure simplification and three network integration. Power communication was a success in the early 1980s, but by the end of the 1990s, power communications had lagged behind.Therefore, technology innovation is listed as the most important development of power communication, and the development direction of power communication is determined. In terms of transmission, power communication will focus on developing fiber optic communications, enrich the grid aggregates of hiding communication can effective use of resources, and timely with WDM and DWDM technology. At the same time, make full use of the existing microwave communication infrastructure to catty out the necessary technical renovation, so as to improve the power communication network frame.In the aspect of business network, it adopts ATM and IP technology to build integrated business platform of power data network to provide business support and services for the power market, production scheduling and information of power industry. In the mean time, power communication will also develop with IP technology in the transmitting data using power distribution lines.At present, the nation power company system is under construction of nearly 10,000 kilometers of OPGW fiber optic cables, including Beijing — Shenyang — Harbin, Longquan — Wuhan — Shanghai, Longquan — Zhengzhou — Beijing and other routes.It is expected to build the “three vertical four horizontal” optical fiber backbone communication network by around 2005.Power system development telecommunication has the potential and resources to win.The potential id that power communication has a dedicated communication network covering the national power system and has a rich communication network infrastructure.Resources have the upper hand, first in long-distance transmission. It is to use the transmission line laying GWWOP, ADSS, OPGW and so on. Electric power special fiber can rapidly form long-distance communication ability.The power special optical cable is less likely to be damaged by external forces, high reliability, and the technology is mature, especially the OPGW technology, which has been widely used in China.Secondly, in terms of local transmission, the power system in the city can be used for communication services and plays an important role in broadband access.

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HP series are improtant applications in heavy industry and power industry and so on.


HP10 series— a high stability AC/DC module power supply offered by Zhongyiguang. PCB installation mode. With the advantages of global input voltage range, AC and DC, low power consumption, high efficiency, high reliability and safety isolation. The product is safety and reliable, and the anti-surge performance is excellent. It meets the standards of  IEC/EN61000-4、VCISPR22/EN55022、UL60950 、EN60950和EN61000-6-2, grade A heavy industry.



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