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How to solve the problem of power module selection

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It is not easy to select a power module. There are many difficulties to consider. How much do you know?

Magnetic beads, capacitors, diodes, resistors… all have similar inside stories, but people don’t pay much attention to them. There are various topologies of power modules, such as flyback, forward, push-pull, half-bridge, and full-bridge. Due to their different basic principles, each of them is mainly manifested in the advantages at the level of certain characteristic indicators.

The flyback power supply does not have a time period for charging and discharging the battery during the power switch period. That is because there is no time characteristic of the response characteristic, and the grain baud cannot be guaranteed to be very good, although it may not help much according to the energy storage capacitor , but the rationale is just a flaw.

Leakage inductance is also a big problem, but its advantages are simple power supply circuit, low cost, light weight, no need to add magnetic calibration windings, and a wider operating voltage range for typing. Because of this, its share of the total power supply sales market is about 7%.



The output voltage of the positive power supply has good transient operation characteristics and strong load capacity, but its disadvantages are also obvious. The large energy storage technology is used to filter the inductor and the freewheeling diode, which is large in size, and the back electromotive force of the primary coil of the transformer is high. .

The push-pull power supply has high transient response time, good working voltage and frequency characteristics. It is the most utilized power transformer of all topologies. No flux leakage, simple optocoupler circuit.

If the two forward converters are not completely symmetrical or balanced, the bias magnetism accumulated after many cycles will cause the magnetic core to enter a saturated state, resulting in excessive excitation current of the high-frequency transformer, and even damage the power switch tube.

The accumulative chainless power supply transformer has a large power and high working efficiency, the withstand voltage test value of the power switch tube is relatively low, and the primary coil of the transformer only needs to be wound once. The disadvantage is that the efficiency is low, there is a semiconductor area, and the consumption is large.

The above problems are all caused by the inherent advantages and disadvantages of its topology. Although people can use the power module as the black box of the aircraft, this is also a point that needs to be paid attention to when choosing a power supply.

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