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How to ensure the safety of switching power supply when dealing with fault?

Author: ZYG Technology Ltd release time: 2022-5-16 CTR: 85

Do you know what problems should be paid attention to in the process of dealing with failures? To keep everyone safe.

(1) most of the time in the process of fault processing induction power actual operation, so we must pay attention to can not cause DC output, communication AC input short circuit, all kinds of maintenance special tools must do a good job of insulation layer treatment, to ensure the safety of life and switch power supply machine equipment power supply safety.

(2) in the actual operation to single-handed operation as far as possible, the actual operation hand does not allow to contain metal material electric conductor decorations, such as watches, keys, rings, etc., together with the insulation shoes for switching power supply equipment maintenance.




(3) In the process of dealing with the fault of the switching power supply, the power down again must be temporarily canceled to avoid the power supply of the communication power system software caused by the operation error.

(4) in the AC, DC power distribution equipment system software does not know the situation, does not need to open or turn off the communication AC power supply switch casually or by feeling, let alone plugin, pull out the DC fuse or close the DC output leakage protection switch. Avoid the deepening and expansion of the fault range.

(5) When measuring instruments and instrument panels are used to test switching power supply machinery and equipment, attention should be paid to the proper use instructions of instruments and equipment and instrument panels, so as to prevent the destruction of instruments and equipment and instrument panels, and even affect the power supply of communication power system software.



(6) dc output of all kinds of communication power supply system software work basic parameters can consult relevant materials and power consumption equipment of switch power supply, machinery, and equipment of the voltage regulation, at the same time, the battery should be fully considered floating current limit, no clear index can’t literally set on the spot, in case of accident cause equipment damage and power supply switch power supply.

(7) after the repair of machinery and equipment, it should be cleared of all kinds of maintenance tools on the spot and the application of maintenance, check whether there are other items left in the frame of the switching power supply machinery and equipment, such as gong wire knife, moving hand, etc., in order to prevent unnecessary short-circuit accident of the switching power supply.

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