Comment choisir un dégagement de qualité et des fabricants de modules de puissance fiables?
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  • 2022-8-10

    How to find a reliable power supply manufacturer

    Need to purchase power modules, but do not know how to find a reliable manufacturer? This is an important question facing many friends. It is not difficult to find manufacturers. One is through the introduction of other colleagues in the industry. They have experience in dealing with power module manufacturers. If they recommend, they can contact them directly. The second is to find manufacturers on the Internet. , There are many such manufacturers, but be careful, after all, there are all kinds of manufacturers. It is recommended that you seek manufacturers with high reputation and good reputation. When choosing a power module manufacturer, you must find a professional technical company. The so-called professional company is actually a high-tech enterprise dedicated...

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  • 2022-5-5

    Introduction of China Small size power module manufacturers

    When we choose a power module, we generally look at the quality of the input, output, ripple, breakdown, temperature, certification, and other characteristics of the power supply. Apart from these, we can also judge according to the following points. 1. Circuit principle and soldering process The bare board can use intuitive methods, such as a neat layout of components and potting modules without being exposed and unable to view the internal situation. The quality of the mechanized wave soldering process is better than manual soldering, generous, but Better in terms of safety and performance 2. The core of the power supply of chip components and transformer components is IC, which will directly affect the power and high-temperature resistance of the...

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  • 2022-9-16

    Comment choisir l'usine de convertisseur DC-DC, comment choisir un convertisseur DC-DC de haute qualité

    What is a DC-DC converter? A DC-DC converter, also known as a DC-DC converter or DC transformer, is a circuit or electromechanical device that converts electrical energy. It can convert direct current (DC) power to DC power (or approximate DC) of different voltages. Its power ranges from very low (small batteries) to very high (high voltage power transfer). The output voltage of some DC-DC converters has the same reference point as the input voltage, while the output voltage of some DC-DC converters is isolated from the input voltage.     DC-DC Converter Inductor Selection The process of selecting an inductor for a DC-DC converter depends on many parameters. Depending on the power levels involved, these inductors can be quite large...

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  • 2022-7-29

    Comment choisir le module d'alimentation Chine DC-DC? Pourquoi choisir un module d'alimentation DC-DC ?

    Aujourd'hui, les modules d'alimentation CC-CC sont largement utilisés dans les équipements de poste et de télécommunication, les stations de base, les systèmes d'alimentation des utilisateurs, les systèmes de surveillance et autres équipements, les équipements d'automatisation industrielle et de nombreux autres domaines. Alors, qu'est-ce qu'un module d'alimentation DC-DC et à quoi faut-il faire attention lors de son utilisation ? Un module d'alimentation DC-DC est un module d'alimentation qui convertit le courant continu en courant continu. En parlant de cela, beaucoup de gens peuvent se demander, n'est-il pas inutile de convertir DC en DC ? En fait, dans le processus d'utilisation quotidienne, notre courant n'est pas statique, parfois une haute tension est requise et parfois une basse tension est requise. Le module d'alimentation DC-DC sert à convertir le courant haute tension ou basse tension en la pression dont nous avons besoin. Ce...

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  • 2022-4-7

    About the importance, structure and how to choose the DC-DC power module?

    With the development of the times, electronic products are more and more developed, DC-DC power modules are widely used in today's society, and some electrical appliances used in daily life are also applied to them. Do you understand the importance and structure of DC-DC power modules? Know why you should choose a DC-DC power module? Today I will take you to find out. The importance of DC-DC power module: DC-DC power module is a compact, high quality regulated power supply products, using advanced manufacturing technology. Because the module power supply is simple to use, it has the advantages of convenient expansion and good maintainability when composing the system. Therefore, it is widely used in aerospace, communication power supply, automotive electronics,...

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  • 2022-10-11

    Obtenez le meilleur fabricant de convertisseurs AC-DC pour votre produit

    Looking for a reliable AC-DC converter manufacturer? One stop shop is your best choice! In our factory, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs, from small to large. What is an AC-DC converter? An AC-DC converter is a device used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). This is important because most devices require DC power to operate. There are many different types of AC-DC converters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some common types of AC-DC converters include transformers, switching converters, and linear converters. What are the different types of AC-DC converters? There are many different types of AC-DC converters. The most common one is a buck converter. A buck converter is...

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