Comment choisir un dégagement de qualité et des fabricants de modules de puissance fiables?
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  • 2022-7-29

    Comment choisir le module d'alimentation Chine DC-DC? Pourquoi choisir un module d'alimentation DC-DC ?

    Aujourd'hui, les modules d'alimentation CC-CC sont largement utilisés dans les équipements de poste et de télécommunication, les stations de base, les systèmes d'alimentation des utilisateurs, les systèmes de surveillance et autres équipements, les équipements d'automatisation industrielle et de nombreux autres domaines. Alors, qu'est-ce qu'un module d'alimentation DC-DC et à quoi faut-il faire attention lors de son utilisation ? Un module d'alimentation DC-DC est un module d'alimentation qui convertit le courant continu en courant continu. En parlant de cela, beaucoup de gens peuvent se demander, n'est-il pas inutile de convertir DC en DC ? En fait, dans le processus d'utilisation quotidienne, notre courant n'est pas statique, parfois une haute tension est requise et parfois une basse tension est requise. Le module d'alimentation DC-DC sert à convertir le courant haute tension ou basse tension en la pression dont nous avons besoin. Ce...

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  • 2022-5-18

    Is a custom power module better than a general power module?

    When you buy a power module, do you choose a normal power module or a custom power module? In most cases, generic power modules are available, while custom power modules are specifically set up for certain situations. Then, according to the actual needs of customers, decide whether to customize the power module or buy a general power module. In this highly competitive market, if an enterprise wants to improve the competitiveness of its products, it must make its products have certain highlights, and it becomes very important to differentiate the design of its products. Everybody has something, you have to do it well, everybody doesn't have something, you have to innovate. The so-called custom power module is actually a new...

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  • 2022-5-11

    What are the tips for choosing a DC/DC power module?

    During the operation of the system, the power supply has a great influence on the stability of the system. The poor quality and stability of the power module will not only lead to unstable system operation but also seriously damage components. Choosing a good power module will be a very important topic The advantage of choosing a high-stability DC/DC power module is that it can reduce the time required for the R&D personnel to design so that the R&D personnel can focus on the product itself, optimize the product, shorten the time of product development and verification, and bring the product to market. , seize the market and win business.     1. efficiency: In the era of global promotion...

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  • 2022-10-11

    Obtenez le meilleur fabricant de convertisseurs AC-DC pour votre produit

    Looking for a reliable AC-DC converter manufacturer? One stop shop is your best choice! In our factory, we offer a wide range of products to meet your needs, from small to large. What is an AC-DC converter? An AC-DC converter is a device used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). This is important because most devices require DC power to operate. There are many different types of AC-DC converters, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some common types of AC-DC converters include transformers, switching converters, and linear converters. What are the different types of AC-DC converters? There are many different types of AC-DC converters. The most common one is a buck converter. A buck converter is...

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  • 2022-9-27

    Avantages des alimentations modulaires

    Simple design. Power can be obtained with just one power module and a few discrete components. Shorten development cycles. Vess modular power supplies typically have a variety of input and output options. Users can also overlap or overlap to form a modular combined power supply to achieve multiple inputs and multiple outputs, which greatly shortens the development time of prototypes. Flexibility to change. If the product design needs to change, simply convert or parallel another suitable power module. Low technical requirements. Weisman modular power supplies are generally equipped with standardized front-end, highly integrated power modules and other components to make power supply design easier. The module power supply shell adopts the integrated structure of radiator, radiator and shell, which realizes...

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  • 2022-7-26

    How to choose a reliable China DC-DC power supplier

    DC means direct current. DC current is defined as unidirectional current. In a DC current, electrons move from a region of negative charge to a region of positive charge without any change in direction. This state persists despite alternating current, in which current can move in both directions. DC can pass through conductive and semiconducting materials. Electricity is defined as the flow of electrons through a conductor such as a wire. Current builds up in two ways, alternating and direct. The main difference between AC and DC current is the direction of electron movement. DC-DC is realized with the idea of ​​switching power supply. There are two types of DC-DC, buck and boost, which are called buck here. For example,...

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