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Hvordan vælger jeg Kina DC-DC strømmodul? Hvorfor vælge et DC-DC strømmodul?

Author: ZYG Power Module Time: 2022-7-29

Today, DC-DC power modules are widely used in post and telecommunications equipment, base stations, user power systems, monitoring systems and other equipment, industrial automation equipment and many other fields. So what exactly is a DC-DC power module, and what should be paid attention to when using it?

A DC-DC power module is a power module that converts DC power to DC power. Speaking of which, many people may ask, isn’t it unnecessary to convert DC to DC? In fact, in the process of daily use, our current is not static, sometimes high voltage is required, and sometimes low voltage is required. The DC-DC power module is to convert high voltage or low voltage current into the pressure we need. It works by converting direct current to alternating current, and alternating current to the direct current we need.

In daily use, the DC-DC power supply module is completed by the switching oscillation circuit, which itself will generate common mode and differential mode noise interference. So it is important to know that the current value should be more than twice the input current value. The internal resistance of the power supply should be low to reduce DC consumption. In addition, in order to ensure the strong reliability of the power module under long-term operation, its working power should be more than 10% of the rated power, so as to prevent the module from being stuck or slightly output causing voltage instability, which will affect our work.

Many customers use power modules to achieve power isolation. Then, according to different isolation requirements, it is necessary to select different power supplies, and there must be enough circuit distance between the output and input power supplies to avoid weakening the isolation effect during design.



How to choose the right power module
1. Circuit Design Principles and Technology
Only from a professional point of view, can the principle of the circuit and the quality of the circuit be distinguished. At present, power modules can be divided into two types: bare board and filled and sealed. The bare board can be divided into two types: reasonable, orderly, generous, orderly layout of electronic components, soldered, and straight. However, the packaged sealed module cannot be seen inside, but because it is not exposed, it is much better in terms of safety and performance indicators. The soldering process can include hand soldering and wave soldering. The soldering quality of mechanized wave soldering is better than that of manual soldering.

2. Components of the chip
The core of the power supply is the integrated circuit, which is like the brain of the power supply. The quality of the integrated circuit directly affects the parameters of the power supply.

3. Transformer components
Determine whether the power supply, temperature resistance, etc. are transformers. The transformer is responsible for completing the AC and DC power supply, and the energy overload will saturate the bomber.

4. Electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors
Because electrolytic capacitors are completely monolithic capacitors, they have high reliability. They use sulfate as an insulating medium, which can make the volume smaller. The + symbol and some marking symbols are added to it. They are generally used for low-frequency cross-linking and bypass filters. The disadvantage is that The loss of muons is large. Due to the use of full monolithic electrolytic capacitors, the reliability is high. Due to the use of special materials, the performance is better than that of ordinary electrolysis, and the frequency characteristics are better, but the capacity is too much. Can be used in precision circuits such as oscillators or timing circuits.

Ceramic capacitors include ceramic dielectric capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, ceramic tube capacitors, and ceramic semi-variable capacitors. It is mainly non-polar, the dielectric material is good, and the capacity cannot be too large. Suitable for high frequency circuits.

5. Batch testing of aging and high temperature aging
No matter how well a product’s materials and production processes are controlled, burn-in testing is required. Since the input detection of electronic components and transformers is difficult to control, only through the aging and high temperature sampling of the entire batch of power supplies can the quality stability of this batch of power supplies and whether there are potential safety hazards can be detected. Material.

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