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Coal mine is divided into open pit mining and underground mining, and its equipment is naturally divided into open pit coal mine machinery and underground coal mine machinery.

According to statistics, at the end of the 11th five-year plan, China’s coal demand id about 90 billion yuan. Of these, about 70 billion yuan is invested in new coal – making equipment, and about 15 billion to 20 20 billion yuan is needed for technical renovation. According to the statistics o f115 major coal companies in China, the output value of 2007 was 49.61 billion yuan, with sales revenue of 48 billion yuan. In 2008, the annual output value was more than60 billion yuan, with sales revenue of more than 60 billion yuan. This means that China still has about 30 billion yuan of coal machine products market competition space, in which the production capacity of more than 6 million tons is larger.

The demand of large mining equipment will become mainstream.

The state council “ several opinions about accelerate the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, points out that to the development of large coal mine comprehensive mining, lifting and washing equipment, realize large-scale integrated mining, lifting and washing equipment”. During the 11th five-year plan period, the mechanization degree of large -scale coal mining equipment in China should reach more than 95%, and the medium-sized coal mine should reach more than 80%. In addition to the large coal mining group’s merger and reorganization of small and medium-sized coal mines, large mining equipment needs more.

1. Open-pit coal mining machinery: a continuous excavator, mechanical excavator, large coal crusher, large belt conveyor, large non-highway mine, etc.

2. Mining machinery for underground mining: with the increase of mining mechanization and the requirement of coal mine safety, the mining equipment is the main composition of coal mine machinery.

① Coal mining equipment: drum coal mining machine, continuous coal mining machine, planer, screw coal mining machine.

② Conveying equipment: belt machine, scraper conveyor, scraper reloader.

③ Working face support equipment: hydraulic support, single prop

④ Roadway tunneling equipment: rock driving machine, semi-coal mining machine, hard rock driving machine.

⑤ Ventilation equipment: main ventilator, local ventilator

⑥ Roadway support equipment: hydraulic anchor drilling rig, pneumatic anchor rigging drill, pneumatic support bolt drill, leg type pneumatic support bolt drill, strut support pneumatic hand-held drill.

⑦ Gas exploration equipment: pneumatic pedestal bolt drill, coal mine tunnel drilling rig, coal mine mud pump.

⑧ The motor stable power supply chain is extremely important.

Reconmended product series :HP10-50 series.



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