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China AC-DC Power Supply exporter take you to distinguish between AC and DC

Author: ZYG Technology Ltd release time: 2022-7-19 CTR: 72

The essence of the difference between DC and AC is that AC can be seen as two sets of alternating DCs in terms of direction changes to exert an effect on the load, which can be understood as the vector sum of the two sets of DCs at different time periods. For a sufficiently short period of time, alternating current can be understood as a set of direct currents in one direction.

When we use electricity, we end up seeing the effects of electricity. For resistive loads, this is a thermal effect, so the final effect of AC and DC is exactly the same, both heating, but since the magnitude of the AC is usually changing, we get an “rms” to equate the DC effect. But for inductive and capacitive loads, AC has a direction and can “pass through” smoothly. They cannot be achieved by DC. Also, AC can produce a changing magnetic field, and a changing magnetic field can produce a changing electric field, so the energy can be very Converts and transmits easily. Therefore, alternating current is more widely used. For example, a transformer can simply change the value of voltage, while direct current cannot do it directly. For example, radio transmission also requires these alternating voltages to generate a changing magnetic field, where in one direction Some direct currents cannot meet the requirements.



Because direct current has only one direction, it is relatively simple to use. It can be easily divided into two states: high and low. In this way, the physical state of binary 0s and 1s can be achieved simply. Therefore, the chip logic control of course requires direct current, and alternating current is too complicated.

Even in some power supply changes, it is common to convert AC to DC first, then stabilize the voltage and simplify it, and then invert another AC by chopping, like frequency converters and switching power supplies.

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