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Why should the module power supply be tested for aging?[2020-07-20]
High and low temperature tests are often carried out before the original module power supply plant. The module power supply after high and low temperature test can ensure the quality of goods,
How to choose the right power module, what are the categories[2020-07-06]
With the development of power electronics industry rapidly, more and more people know the power supply module, it can be applied to access equipment,
How to solve the selection problem of power module?[2020-06-23]
Power module selection is not easy, it must take into account a lot of difficult, how much do you know?
Analysis of the application between series and parallel power supply modules[2020-06-15]
Commercial power supply design is a key step in the control system design, which has a fundamental effect on the normal operation of all systems. The choice of
What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing power modules?[2020-06-11]
In some unique industries or applications, unique power modules are often used, and they often authorize specialized technical manufacturers to customize power modules.
Analysis of the potting and sealing process of the power module![2020-06-06]
The power potting sealant is divided into heat transfer and holding potting sealant silicone, which has strong corrosion, heat resistance and embrittlement of m
What is the design definition of a modular power supply[2020-06-02]
Some friends put forward some questions on the Internet, here small make up did a detailed answer, to give you some help: friends ask: excuse me, what is the de
Modular power capacity in the design of a modular electrical source[2020-05-29]
Most of the module power capacity concept is still stuck in the ideal module power capacity phase, as usual, the module power capacity is C. However, I do not k
The converter often commits several faults and maintenance techniques[2020-05-23]
The converter is an indispensable part of all kinds of electronic equipment, and its performance is directly related to the technical specifications of the elec
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