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How to choose quality clearance, and reliable power module manufacturers?[2020-07-29]
Need to purchase power module, do not know how to find a reliable manufacturer? This is an important issue in front of many friends,
What should we pay attention to when the module power is applied[2020-07-10]
Generally, the module power supply has a minimum load limit, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is generally about 10%,
The basic knowledge that power module shell buys is very important![2020-06-27]
I. In terms of the operation temperature problem of power module, there will be great differences at home and abroad. Chinese manufacturers are basically included in a certain operating temperature range for application,
What should be considered when selecting module power supply?[2020-06-17]
No matter what we buy in our daily life, we will have to consider for a long time, not only the comparison, but also the quality of all aspects.
How to select resistors for power module design?[2020-06-12]
In the circuit principle, people can often see the resistor components, the key starting voltage, separation, load resistance and other functions. The main para
Is it true that the greater the power of module power supply, the better?[2020-06-08]
Module power in the selection of output power is not the bigger the better, too large cost on the high side, there will be a lot of noise.
Let small make up to tell you the power module reliability test some ways![2020-06-04]
Power module is the same as the key of electronic products, power module is very important to product quality! Therefore, when selecting the power module,
What is the difference between the isolated power module and the non-isolated power module[2020-05-30]
1. The securityIsolated power module refers to the use of a transformer through a transformer (such as 48VDC, 24VDC, 12VDC, etc.) to reduce the voltage to the r
The requirement of internal resistance of power module flow source[2020-05-28]
The smaller the internal resistance of the power module voltage source, the higher the requirement of the power module flow source to the internal resistance!1.
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