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How to choose quality clearance, and reliable power module manufacturers?[2021-03-09]
Need to purchase power module, do not know how to find a reliable manufacturer? This is an important problem in front of many friends,
The original power module also need to heat?[2021-02-24]
​There are three methods of heat dissipation of power module heat pipe: heat convection, heat transmission and radiation source.
How to solve the low output voltage of switching power supply module?[2021-02-04]
Too high or too low output voltage is not good, today we will talk about the output voltage is too low to deal with the common problem.
How to deal with the difficult problems in the use of switching power supply[2021-02-04]
At the present stage, there are many kinds of power modules in the sales market. The input voltage, power, function and topology of different
How to ensure the safety of switching power supply when dealing with fault?[2021-01-26]
​Do you know what problems should be paid attention to in the process of dealing with failures? To keep everyone safe.

Is a custom power module better than a regular power module[2021-01-26]
The rapid development of computer technology leads human beings into the information society, and also promotes the rapid development of power module technology.
How to solve the problem of internal and external interference of switching power supply?[2021-01-23]
Do you know the usual types of interference from switching power supply? In general, it is divided into two categories, respectively,
What are the benefits of switching power supply[2021-01-23]
Technological advances have led to the development of electronic products, but what do we know about them as their preferred source of power?
AC DC power module selection model specification appropriate process[2021-01-22]
Power module is this kind of high integration of small and medium-sized switching power supply, in recent years with the development trend of
Why choose DC-DC power module[2021-01-22]
With the development of The Times, electronic products are more and more developed, most electronic products will choose DC-DC power module to process the signal,
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