What principles should be followed in the innovation of power module
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What principles should be followed in the innovation of power module

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-11-19 17:40:26CTR:

In the present era, everything is in need of progress, lagging behind will be beaten, so we need to continue to innovate, take the power module is the same, let's take a look at how the power module to innovate!

1. Change of product thinking

Nowadays, the competition in the domestic market is no longer the competition of product quality and performance, but begins to change to the competitive advantage of product price. Then, the breakthrough of continuous innovation in circuit design, material selection, production technology and other aspects will be placed in the first place, looking for more concise, more novel, lower cost solutions. If you still adhere to the rules and follow the competitors, the profits will only be lower and lower, and eventually will be eliminated. In the new situation, if you find that a new market is not easy to seize, it will be quickly seized by the opponent, so that you are very passive, or even unable to penetrate directly, you have to give up; If you find a new circuit and don't apply for protection, soon you'll have to face redesign or high usage and worry.

Power supply module

2. Circuit innovation design

The circuit scheme of power module is more and more mature. According to the performance requirements of different power modules, the selected circuit scheme is basically fixed. To make a product stand out, we must be willing to invest in research breakthroughs in lossless circuits, soft switches, new circuits, and other design circuits. , for example, a new "switch-capacitance converter" that saves on core transformers. The volume of the product can be designed to be small. In other words, in the case of no loss of product performance, the circuit should be simplified, reduce product cost, optimize circuit parameters, improve performance and reliability. It is said that the quality of the product is designed, the production process design of the product should not only consider production, but also meet the requirements of automatic production, to avoid manual participation as far as possible, the quality of all processes can not be guaranteed, the cost is high.

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