What are the main standards of switching power supply on the market?
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What are the main standards of switching power supply on the market?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-11-18 09:55:18CTR:

With the increasing types of switching power supply sold in the market, in order to meet the customer's requirements for installation in different application scenarios, there will be obvious changes in function, shape, material and technology, etc., in order to meet the customer satisfaction standards. So, what are the main criteria when a customer is shopping in the market?

Standard one: tailor the appropriate model to meet the requirements of the application scenario. When the manufacturer has a wealth of research and development design experience, basically on the design of each switch power supply is more professional. Then, in terms of the model will be more consistent, to meet customer satisfaction standards. Everything is to be more and more trustworthy in your shopping.

Standard 2: excellent material, guaranteed performance, high safety level. So, switching power supply in the process of using the customer's evaluation will be more and more high. Especially in the selection of materials to be a bit more strict, to ensure that in all aspects of the technical performance will be strictly to master, so as to be able to use the process will be more and more secure. Therefore, in the market selection, should be based on such technical requirements to choose, to ensure that all aspects of the strict checks.

Standard 3: good energy-saving effect, low failure rate, rich and diverse modeling size, at the discretion of customers to choose. After all, switching power supplies is a household staple. Therefore, it has a better energy-saving effect, often in the family will constantly reduce the cost of use. In this aspect, with a variety of modeling design, it can be seen that the failure rate in this aspect will be significantly reduced, bringing higher efficiency.

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