What is the DC-DC power module and what should I pay attention to when using it?
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What is the DC-DC power module and what should I pay attention to when using it?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-10-31 09:17:56CTR:

Nowadays, DC-DC power module is widely used in communication equipment of post and telecommunications, base station, power system of users, monitoring system and other various equipment, industrial automation equipment and many other fields. So what exactly is a DC-DC power module, and what should I pay attention to when using it?

Dc Dc power module is a power module that converts Dc power into Dc power. At this point, many people may ask, isn't it unnecessary to convert dc to DC? In fact, in the process of daily use, our current is not static, sometimes need high voltage, sometimes need low voltage. The DC-DC power module is to convert the high or low voltage current into the pressure we need. It works by converting dc power into AC power, and it converts AC power into the DC power we need.

DC-DC module power supply

In daily use, the DC-DC power supply module is completed by switching oscillation circuit, and it itself will produce common mode differential mode noise interference. So it is important to be aware that the current value should be more than twice the input current value. The internal resistance of the power supply should be low, thus reducing the CONSUMPTION of DC. In addition, in order to ensure the extremely strong reliability of the power module under long working hours, its working power should be above 10% rated power, so as to avoid the instability of the voltage caused by the module being stuck or slightly output, which will affect our work.

Many customers use the power module in the process, is to achieve power isolation. Then according to different isolation requirements, it is necessary to choose different power sources, and there is enough circuit distance between the output and the input power to avoid weakening the isolation effect during the design.

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