How to choose the power module manufacturer
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How to choose the power module manufacturer

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-10-17 11:01:23CTR:

Power module is widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communication, microwave communication, optical transmission, router and other communication fields, automotive electronics, aerospace and so on. Below small make up introduce how to choose power module manufacturers?

1, suitable for their own scale requirements. The quality of some foreign brands is really good, but the price is not acceptable for every user, and the delivery time is also very long compared with that of domestic brands. For some of the larger power module suppliers in China, there is also this problem. If the model you ordered is not their main shipment model, the delivery date cannot be guaranteed. If you propose to customize a special power supply, for small and medium-sized customers, it is simply unthinkable. It is very important for small and medium-sized enterprises not to choose the supply platform and enterprises suitable for their own scale like Huawei and ZTE. Companies like Tesla Power supply are specialized in providing power solutions and customized services for small and medium-sized enterprises.

2. Product line. For example, whether the module power supply can provide such industrial products as half brick, 1/4 brick, 1/8 brick and 1/16 brick, if not, it indicates that the enterprise research and development strength and scale are not large. The ability to customize products, and the ability to offer a wide range of customized products, such as rail, power, and military, is important.

3. Communicate with FAE engineers of the company. Understand company implementation design standards and design processes. Like the company's product reliability design standards, reduction standards, electrical safety standards, EMC standards, etc. Module of new product design is a very rigorous process, one can promise you a week will be able to deliver you a new product of company is certainly not a rigorous, design details is very important, such as power supply when they rushed and drop, the stability of the feedback network in extreme conditions, these big companies are doing very good, small company basic nobody will pay attention to these design details.

4, look at the material. Turn on a module and have a look, rather than listen to others. From the material of the power product, we can see the quality and positioning of the power manufacturer. For example, the power material selection, such as capacitor, MOSFET, diode and other key materials, can determine the quality of the power. First-line large factories are like DCDC module power supply, large-capacity MLCC capacitors are basically TDK, Merata, National giant and other brands, tantalum power is basically selected like VISHAY, KEMET, AVX, etc. MOSFET is generally IR, VISHAY, ST, Renesas and so on. Bipolar selection is such as ONSEMI, ST, IR, Infineon, etc. Power supply is a very important device.

5. Take a look at product certification. Certification is not only a test of a company's technology, but also a demonstration of its strength. Because attestation cost is not low, still do not inspect factory regularly, so small company basically does not have any attestation. In all certifications, the standards are basically the same, such as EN60950 for security. But the gold content of each certification body is different, such as 3C, TUV and so on, it is easier to live, and the cost is lower. Like UL certification is very strict, factory inspection is also frequent, the cost is also much, so see an enterprise does not have UL certification or very important.

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