What is a DC-DC converter
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What is a DC-DC converter

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A converter that converts one DC voltage to another. It is divided into three types: boost DC/DC converter, step-down DC/DC converter and lift DC/DC converter.

What is the principle of the DC-DC converter

Also known as: Switch power supply or switch regulator

Structure: diode, transistor, capacitor and so on

DC-DC converter

The working principle of

one: DC-DC converter is generally composed of control chip, inductor coil, diode, triode, capacitor. When discussing the performance of the DC-DC converter, it is impossible to judge its advantages and disadvantages if it is only for the control chip. The component characteristics of the peripheral circuit and the wiring mode of the substrate can change the performance of the power supply circuit. Therefore, a comprehensive judgment should be made.

Two: Modulation mode 1: PFM (pulse frequency modulation mode) switch pulse width is fixed, by changing the pulse output frequency, so that the output voltage to achieve stability. 2: PWM (pulse width modulation mode) switch pulse frequency is certain, by changing the pulse output width, so that the output voltage to achieve stability.

Three: Under normal circumstances, the performance differences of DC-DC converter using PFM and PWM are as follows. PWM frequency, PFM duty cycle selection method.

Application Field:

At present, DC-DC converter is widely used in mobile phones, MP3, digital cameras, portable media players and other products.

In the circuit type classification belongs to the chopper circuit.

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