Lets have a look at the troubleshooting methods of power module!
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Lets have a look at the troubleshooting methods of power module!

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-09-17 17:27:54CTR:

The power module has the characteristic of selling price, and has been applied to communication, military, electric power engineering and other industries. In the use of the whole process, will encounter some common faults, light cause the system can not start, serious damage to the power circuit. When the power module abnormal how to clear?

Overinput voltage

Key parameters for power mode typing are abnormal - typing voltage is too high. This abnormal light will cause the system can not work normally, serious damage to the power circuit. What are the common causes of high voltage typing?

Suspended folding or no load at the output end; The output load is too light, less than 12% of the rating; Overvoltage or dry - torsion voltage.

For this category of problems, you can adjust the output Web load or the input voltage category according to the following details:

Ensure that the rated value at the output end is not less than 12%. If there is a full load in the specific power circuit, connect a false load at the output end with a maximum power of 12%; Remove and replace one valid category of keyed voltages, allowing for TVS or stabilizers at keyed end when there is a dry torsion voltage.

Power supply module

The output voltage is too low

The main parameters of the power mode output are abnormal -- the output voltage is too low. This may cause the overall system software not all normal work, such as in the microprocessor system software, the load suddenly expanded, will pull low microprocessor power supply system voltage, very easy to cause calibration.

In addition, the service life of power supply circuit will be greatly damaged under the condition of low input voltage in the long term operation of power supply. Thus, the problem of a slightly lower output voltage cannot be ignored. What about the low output voltage generally caused by these reasons?

Low input voltage or insufficient output power; The output line is too long or too thin, resulting in excessive line loss; The pressure drop of the secondary pipe is too large; Key filter inductance is too large.

For this category of problems, improvements can be made by adjusting the power supply system or dismantling the relative outfield power supply circuit, as follows:

Increase the voltage or switch to a more powerful input power source; Adjust the wiring, expand the traverse area or reduce the length of the transmission line, reduce the internal resistance; Switch to secondary pipe with small on/off pressure drop; To reduce the filter inductance or the internal resistance of the inductor.

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