Why should the module power supply be tested for aging?
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Why should the module power supply be tested for aging?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-09-12 14:28:51CTR:

High and low temperature tests are often carried out before the original module power supply plant. The module power supply after high and low temperature test can ensure the quality of goods, reduce the abnormal probability and increase the service life of customers in the whole process of application.

Although the module power supply can be applied immediately when it is just out of the production line, many products will not be used until it reaches the hands of customers. This is because in the process of processing only a simple plug test, did not do a long-term different natural environment of plug test.

Power supply module

Most of the common failures of module power supply products are in the early and middle stage, so the manufacturer cannot accurately control the middle and late stage, so it is only in the early stage. Eliminate problems before delivery before handing them over to customers.

The embrittlement methods of module power supply include two key methods: constant warm temperate zone load embrittlement and high temperature plug high temperature test. High temperature embrittlement is common. According to the high temperature embrittlement can make the shortcomings of the commodity components or poor quality exposed, thus improving the reliability and credibility of the commodity.

Power supply module

The high temperature embrittlement of module power supply refers to the simulation of the high temperature application of the natural environment, the high and low temperature test time is usually prescribed for 12-48 hours. There are two high-temperature embrittlement steps. This one is set in a natural environment at high temperature. This is the high temperature natural environment, using the more extreme natural environment standard impact module power supply.

Functions of module power supply high and low temperature test:

1. When the power module embrittlement is carried out, the monitor can be carried out on the computer to show the statistical data of the power under the working attitude and reflect the application status of the power.

2. Long-term embrittlement can monitor the changes of module characteristics caused by temperature changes.

3, in the embrittlement, can check out the power supply in the process of the difficult problems.

4. During embrittlement, the module can operate smoothly for a long time, which enhances the credibility of the goods.

Generally, in the whole process of high and low temperature test, the condition of power supply application is more extreme and the specification is more strict than the natural environment normally applied by people. Only such detection can reflect the credibility of the module power supply, is the module power manufacturers to ensure the quality of products.

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