Analysis of the application between series and parallel power supply modules
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Analysis of the application between series and parallel power supply modules

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-15 10:25:58CTR:

Commercial power supply design is a key step in the control system design, which has a fundamental effect on the normal operation of all systems. The choice of power module can be flexible and convenient for system development, reduce product design time, save money investment.

However, in the specific application, due to the requirements of total on-board area, cost and unique application, the simplified module cannot meet the requirements, and usually several modules must be connected or connected together. Below, discuss the power module series and parallel related content.

A common serial application is to obtain a higher voltage output. The outputs of two power supply modules can be connected in series and then immediately connected to the load to obtain the output voltage after the summation of the two sets of outputs.

Power supply module

The client can output the two sets of tubes together with the two sets of tubes to avoid the harm caused by the abnormal relative path of current flow at the output end due to the starting time difference. The output voltage after the series can be added with an output capacitor to reduce the ripple noise caused by the power frequency difference between the two modules.

In addition to being able to be connected in series, power modules can be connected in series with two or more units, thus providing several times more power for system applications. But usually the power supply module is mostly fixed voltage output, unless it has its own serialable function, or should not be used in series.

The key is that the output voltage regulation of the two modules is unlikely to be exactly the same, while the higher output voltage of the module will show all the load current. And even the two modules output voltage regulation is exactly the same.

Power supply module

Also, the load current of the power supply of the two modules is unbalanced due to their different output impedance and the transition caused by different time and temperature. In contrast to concatenation, the concatenation is much more difficult.

Common power supply module series used methods are: module power output in two groups, each pairs of resistors in series application again, using the electrical output flow of the linear current produced by two resistors, make two set of power over load balancing supply as much as possible, to prevent the output voltage high power source to produce the vast majority of the load requirements.

In other words, the output terminals of two groups of modules are connected with double secondary tubes respectively, and then applied in series, which can avoid the output voltage of different modules flowing backwards to another module. Both methods are low cost and apply to sites with low precision requirements.

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