What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing power modules?
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What details do you need to pay attention to when customizing power modules?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-11 15:21:28CTR:

In some unique industries or applications, unique power modules are often used, and they often authorize specialized technical manufacturers to customize power modules. Due to different design schemes in different industries and different commodities, sometimes universal products can not consider the main parameters and interior space and other requirements.

So now many power module manufacturers in order to achieve the requirements of the broad masses, also show personalized customized services. Here are some of the details you need to pay attention to when customizing power modules.

Power supply module

Steps for power module customization:

1. First clarify the main parameters of the requirements, including typing category, power, output working voltage, etc., and specify whether it is commercial service level, industrial type or military level.

2. Make clear the raw materials, foot positions and external specifications of the power module, including internal components, external chassis, potting and sealing glue, etc.

3. Whether a qualification certificate must be issued, or some specifications, such as high anti-interference, anti-extreme natural environment, etc.

Power supply module

4. Establish and express the industry, region and natural environment of the power module application.

5. Compared with the basic ones, it is necessary to customize unique functions and provide sound after-sales maintenance services.

6. Finally, the price and delivery date should be clarified. The purchase should start from the test product and then go to the mass production.

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