What are the benefits of switching power supply
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What are the benefits of switching power supply

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2021-01-23 13:59:18CTR:

Technological advances have led to the development of electronic products, but what do we know about them as their preferred source of power? Power supply in the switching power supply why can be recognized by the majority of enterprises and factories? What are the benefits of the power switch?

First, because of the small power consumption of switching power supply, high efficiency, the whole is much more than other power supply, so many enterprises are willing to buy high quality switching power supply.

Second, it is light, because the volume and quality of the switching power supply are relatively small, so it is also more suitable for many products, the audience group is relatively high.

Third, the coverage of the voltage regulator is relatively wide, each of the switching power supply voltage regulator degree and range are different, so that we can choose the most suitable for their own power switch, can also find large manufacturers to customize the relevant degree of power switch.

Fourth, the efficiency of filtering has been greatly improved, the work efficiency of the power switch is 1000 times more than the ordinary linear regulated power supply, the efficiency of this piece is also improved hundreds of times, the most important thing is that he can choose flexibly.

In general, the switching power supply has high cost performance, many choices, wide uses, and can adapt to the requirements of most enterprises.

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