Power module manufacturers, provide multiple models of DC DC switching power module!
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Power module manufacturers, provide multiple models of DC DC switching power module!

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-11-17 11:03:14CTR:

A power module is usually a packaged power supply used in switching mode that can be easily soldered to a circuit board for converting input voltage to a controlled output voltage. The power module can also be integrated with an infinite number of passive components, as compared to the switch regulator IC, which integrates the controller and power switch only on the chip. If you want to find a power module manufacturer in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, you can contact "Huizhi Electronics"!

Huizhi electronics in the experience of the power supply module, there are more than 20 years, as the power module manufacturer is committed to providing high quality products to provide customers, huizhi said electronic switch voltage regulator IC itself will produce radiation EMI, is cumbersome and slow, and technology at the same time can produce noise, the solution is to add a filter circuit on the PCB or installation shielding, and huizhi electronic production DC DC power supply module for technical improvements, models and more compact, more alternative voltage regulator IC application on the switch of a power supply module.

Generally USES low voltage DC DC power supply module, which can reduce the amount of batteries, the product size and weight is reduced, so commonly commonly 3 ~ 5 v as working voltage, in order to ensure the stability and accuracy of the circuit work, require the use of regulated power supply, which is also the power module manufacturer in the production of products more attention.

If the circuit USES 5V working voltage, but needs a higher working voltage, it is often difficult for the designer. If the switch should be DC/DC power module, then the circuit is characterized by fewer peripheral components, small size, light weight, output +5V, +12V are stable, to meet the requirements of portable electronic products.

At present, when many customers in Shenzhen know the manufacturers of DC DC power modules, they are more concerned about the technology, that is, the quality problem. For small power supply, whether it can provide high conversion efficiency is crucial, otherwise they may encounter heat dissipation problems. Highly integrated power modules can be used not only to simplify the design of switching power supply, but also to achieve efficient voltage conversion in a very small space.

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