Let's explore several categories of power modules
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Let's explore several categories of power modules

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-09-09 11:42:34CTR:

According to the main use of modern power electronics technology, people divide the power module area as follows:

The rapid development of electronic information technology leads people to the development of information content society, and at the same time, it also promotes the rapid development of power module technology.

Power supply module

In the 80s, the electronic computer omni-directional chose the power transformer, the new round carries on the computer power supply renewal. Then the power transformer technology into the electronic devices, electrical equipment industry.

Switching power module

The rapid development trend of communication industry has greatly promoted the development trend of communication power supply. High frequency practical power transformers as well as technology have become popular in modern communication power supply and distribution systems.

In the communications industry, the ballast is generally referred to as a multiple power supply, and the DC-DC converter is referred to as a re-power supply. The effect of multiple power supply is to transform single-phase or three-phase power network into dc stabilized power supply with tolerance value of 48V.

Power supply module


The DC-DC converter converts a fixed AC voltage into a variable AC voltage, and this kind of technology is applied to the infinitely variable speed and control of trolley bus, subway train and battery car, so that the said control can get the characteristics of faster stability, rapid no response, and get the practical effect of saving electromagnetic energy.


Ups power supply (UPS) is a reliable and high-performance power supply for electronic computers, communication systems and their designated production sites that cannot be terminated.

Dc power module

Switching power supply type HVDC stabilized power supply is used in electrostatic precipitator, water improvement, medical equipment X-ray machine and CT machine, etc. The working voltage reaches 50~l59kV, the current exceeds 0.5a and the output power reaches 100kW.

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