What are the categories of power modules and what fields can they be applied to?
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What are the categories of power modules and what fields can they be applied to?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-07-17 09:33:57CTR:

Power supply module of choice for many people or more strange things, actually master certain tricks will be able to quickly choose the right, and it have the function of the protection circuit, also have the function of the current phone, people to change it according to the requirements of various fields of technology, now let's look at it exactly what are the classification, which can be applied to the field?

First, green power module. This is the field that the information society tries to use, it can complete the computer power generation faster, has entered the field of electronics and appliances successively, it has the advantage of being harmless to the whole computer environment, can efficiently save electricity.

Power supply module

Second, switch power module. This module is generally used in the field of communication power supply, which has become the mainstream consultation of communication power supply. It can change the power supply into a secondary power supply, and after installation, it can change the high-frequency power supply with high power into DC voltage, etc., so as to reduce the consumption and make maintenance and installation quite convenient.

Third, the converter. The power module can also be used as a converter. It can better control the variable speed control of subway trains, bullet trains and trolleybuses, so that the speed can be stabilized, with the advantage of energy saving.

Fourth, UPS. This part refers to the uninterruptible power supply, which is required by the computer communication system to provide a kind of power supply needed for non-interruptible occasions. It has low noise, high performance, fast speed, and can be used for remote maintenance and diagnosis.

What are the categories of power modules? What are the applications? In the analysis of this paper, we already know about the modules, and now there are inverter power supply, welding machine power supply module, DC power supply module, filter and so on to choose, quite good.

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