In what ways is the module power lost?
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In what ways is the module power lost?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-30 15:17:24CTR:

The key factors of power loss of high-power module are high frequency switching loss, high frequency transformer loss, rectifier loss and route transmission loss.

In the application of low-voltage large current output, the lower the output working voltage and the greater the output current, the greater the proportion of rectifier loss and route transmission loss in the total loss of the module power plug. Small make up and everyone together to explore the module power shutdown loss where?

1. Loss of rectifier diode

The traditional rectifier circuit USES the two-stage rectifier, and the Schottky diode rectifier is usually used under the low voltage output standard. Schottky diode and other rectifier diodes have the advantages of faster switching power supply and reduced working voltage.

The solution to reduce the loss of rectifier is to choose synchronous rectification technology. Synchronous rectifier USES the field effect tube with small on - break resistor and low voltage withstand test to replace the common rectifier diode.

The work efficiency of the system software power plug is significantly improved, but in practice, the maintenance of synchronous rectifier is more complicated than that of the two-stage rectifier. Synchronous rectification technology has a very good market prospect in the application of low voltage and large current output of power supply switch plug.

Power supply module

2. Wear out of magnetic electronic devices

Transformer loss is the key part of module power plug loss. The key loss of transformer is iron loss and copper loss. Iron loss refers to the high frequency loss caused by the raw material, appearance, processing technology structure and other related elements of the transformer.

Copper loss is the transmission loss caused by the winding circuit of the transformer. In order to reduce iron loss, transformers should choose the magnetic core raw materials with good high frequency characteristics, low high frequency consumption, effective core structure and compact structure.

At the same time, the design concept of the winding resistance of the high-frequency switching transformer in the module power plug is also crucial. The winding resistance of the high-frequency switching transformer is not only harmful to copper loss, but also related to the coupling between the winding resistance of the high-frequency switching transformer, and also harmful to the iron loss of the high-frequency switching transformer.

3. IC consumption

IC is a work of the current flow, so that IC can all normal work, this loss is unable to prevent, in the IC motor selection at that time as far as possible to choose the work of low current.

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