How to choose the manufacturer when purchasing the switch power module?
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How to choose the manufacturer when purchasing the switch power module?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-20 13:37:53CTR:

The switching module has a lot of power effect, which brings a lot of benefits to our life. But do you know how to choose the power module manufacturer? If you choose badly, choose to a few inferior manufacturer, can bring certain consequence to you, so below with small make up will understand relevant content!

1. Regulations on appropriate operation scale of switching power supply module: The quality of some international brands is indeed very good, such as VICOR, INTERPOINT, etc., but the price is not acceptable to every customer, and the supply cycle is very long compared with well-known Chinese brands.

Switching power module

For some large power module suppliers in China, this is a problem. When the model specification you ordered is not the key delivery model specification, the delivery date can not be guaranteed. If put forward clearly oneself custom-made this unique power supply, will say for medium and small customer, it is unimaginable really.

2. The status of switch power module products: if the module power can be shown as half brick, 1/4 brick, 1/8 brick,1/16 brick and other industrial products, if not, it indicates that the overall strength of product development and business scale of the company is not large.

3. Communicated with FAE technical engineers of the enterprise, mastered the implementation of design specifications and layout steps of the enterprise; Such as enterprise product reliability design specifications, tuning specifications, electrical safety standards, EMC specifications, etc.

Module new design product is a very careful and meticulous whole process, a service commitment that you can deliver your new product in seven days of the enterprise is no doubt a not careful and careful enterprise, layout key point is very critical.

Switching power module

4, look at the switching power module material: open a module power supply, see their own, more useful than listening to others. From the material of power supply products, we can see the quality and precise positioning of the power supply manufacturer. For example, the material selection of power supply, such as capacitor, MOSFET, secondary pipe and other important raw materials, can determine the quality of power supply.

5, look at the switch power module product quality certification, verification not only hone the enterprise's technical skills, are the reflection of the overall strength of the enterprise. Because verify cost not low, return regular audit factory, because this small business majority did not verify. In all the verifications, most of the selected specification bases are the same, such as EN60950 for security.

However, the recognition degree of various authoritative certifications is different, such as 3C, TUV and so on. It is very easy to pass and the cost is low. Like UL verification is very strict, the factory audit is also frequent, cost is also much, so it is very critical to see whether a company has UL verification.

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