What are the regulations of the power module on electrolytic capacitor?
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What are the regulations of the power module on electrolytic capacitor?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-13 10:36:37CTR:

Although the switching frequencies of small and medium-sized output power transformer and power power transformer are different, the effect of rectifier filter capacitor is basically the same. The key is to use the filter capacitor to digest and absorb the current of the switching frequency and the high pulse current frequency and filter out the ripple voltage.

Power supply module

The electrolytic capacitor is the most important component in the primary and secondary circuit of the power supply module. Its equivalent circuit can be considered as the connection of idealized capacitor with parasitic inductor and equivalent serial resistor.

Electrolytic capacitor is mostly selected winding structure, very easy to expand the volume, the enterprise volume capacity is very large, several times to several times larger than other capacitors. The capacity is proportional to the volume, and the power transformer tends to be more and more efficient and modular design, we must find a new way to get the capacitor with large capacity and small capacity.

Most of the power converter USES booster circuit, which provides high voltage resistance of aluminum electrolytic capacitor. If the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is manufactured using the technology of the past, it is necessary to select several inches of capacitor to absorb more pulsating current than in the past. It may cause the power volume to expand and cannot be used for small and medium sized electronic products.

Power supply module

Therefore, in order to realize the power module, it is necessary to develop and design the new electrolytic capacitor, which provides light weight, large space, high voltage resistance, high frequency, low characteristic impedance and ripple resistance current. And in the high temperature natural working environment, the specified life is long.

In the whole process of switching power supply design, it is unavoidable to choose suitable capacitor. From 100 F or so of large space commodities, aluminum electrolytic capacitor price is low, widely used.

However, the situation of preventing the application of aluminum electrolytic capacitors has improved in the recent two years. Because the service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is very harmful to the commodity, so many power module manufacturers for aluminum electrolytic capacitor such a short period of components, want to minimize the application.

The selection of capacitors should be based on the actual operating temperature and other major parameter indicators. If the damage of operating temperature to the service life of capacitors is ignored, the credibility and reliability of power supply will be greatly reduced and even the destruction of machinery and equipment.

Power supply module

The service life of the electrolytic capacitor is also related to the ratio of ac voltage to rated surge current in the capacitor's long-term operation. Usually refers to the operating temperature at 85℃ detection value, or heat resistant electrolytic capacitor at 125℃ detection statistics.

Under normal circumstances, the electrolytic capacitor is an indispensable and important component in ACDC power supply module. However, problems such as large internal dissipation of the electrolytic capacitor, large electrostatic induction volume deviation, large leakage current, and poor characteristics of high and low temperature tests will result in poor credibility and short cycle.

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