AC DC power module selection model specification appropriate process
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AC DC power module selection model specification appropriate process

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Power module is this kind of high integration of small and medium-sized switching power supply, in recent years with the development trend of high and new technology, in industrial electrical, power supply system, instrument equipment, urban rail, intelligent security, new energy technology, communication, automation technology and intelligent system industry.

Make sure you type the source type first

Power module input AC current or AC current two, usually, AC current input selection of FH/ DC power module, AC input selection of DC/DC power module. The high cubic meter FH-DC power module can also be used in normal operation under the standard of DC input working voltage.

Type the operating voltage category to select

After confirming the input source, the input working voltage can refer to the manufacturer's motor selection architecture. Communication key basic 120V, 230V, 220V, now usually FH/ DC power module are considered 86~265VAC or 150~370VDC type category, 220V also consider 230V type, only in 230V application probability can be much worse, Dc key basic 5V~76V.

Choose the package type of the item

Product package types include single-in-line SIP package, small and medium vertical bare board, double-in-line extra small DIP package and slide rail package. Bare board is composed of PCB circuit board and various components, completely exposed, not very safe, but low cost.

DIP packaging is usually strongly recommended, although it is expensive to lose, but potting packaging, safety protection, good heat pipe heat dissipation characteristics, anti-freezing, moisture-proof, stable characteristics. It must be selected according to the specific situation.

Select output power of goods according to load size

When selecting the output power of the power module, it is usually strongly recommended to set aside capacity, and the applied output power is in the middle of 30~90% of the actual output power. The capacity is very large, when working at high frequency, it will cause noise problem.

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