What if the power module starts up difficult?
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What if the power module starts up difficult?

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2021-01-21 10:05:48CTR:

"Things are always created in the mind of genius, not in nature. Genius forms a clear mental picture of things before they actually exist, "said Tesla, the inventor of alternating current, who was, as he was called," the closest man to God."

Before electricity was invented, fire was our main source of energy. The invention of alternating current has completely changed our lives. Almost all the electronic devices we use are powered by electricity.

The power module is a special power supply, which can be directly attached to the printed circuit board. So what should we do if there is start-up difficulty? Listen to Xiaobian carefully.


1. Excessive load current leads to startup difficulties

If the load is too large, the startup time will be extended to a certain extent. At this time, it can be solved by replacing the appropriate load.

2. Excessive external capacitance leads to startup difficulties

Because the power module charging too long makes it difficult to start, can be solved by selecting the appropriate capacitive load.

3. Excessive capacitive load leads to startup difficulties

This can be done in series with a suitable inductor.

4. Insufficient input power leads to start-up difficulties

This can be solved by replacing a more powerful input power supply.

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