Analysis of the current situation and development trend of switching power supply module
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Analysis of the current situation and development trend of switching power supply module

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Switching power supply module is a big category of electronic power supply, which is divided into FH/Dc module power supply and Dc/Dc module power supply. These two sketches can be understood as the installation of a small and medium-sized power transformer into a small indoor space, and the final tightness is used as the control module. Because it can only type and output the pin, it is convenient to use.

The key factors to define the development trend of switching power supply modules are component characteristics and technical standards.

1.Characteristics of output power semiconductor materials

The technology of output power semiconductor components has been improved first. For example, cold Mos tubes appeared in 1997, which reduced the total number of on-state resistors and made it a high-frequency output power semiconductor material with wide working frequency and fast switching frequency of power supply.

2. PFC converter

Due to the presence of rectifier components and filter capacitors at the keying end of ACDC conversion power circuit, when the sinusoidal working voltage is keying, the output power of ac keying end of the two-phase rectifier power supply equipment is 0.7 ~ 0.65. For example, PFC converter is selected to improve the output power of ac keying end of communication to 0.95 ~ 0.99.

3, power

Practical switching power supply, high frequency has always been the top priority of scientific research four, to establish a high power must improve the OUTPUT power of PWM converter and reduce the power circuit energy storage technology components net volume weight. The high frequency output power converter can be used to build light, small, thin and high power. In order to reduce the volume net weight can be selected new capacitance.

4.Voltage regulator

A voltage regulator is a low-voltage, high-current output DC-DC converter control module that lifts the switching power supply to the CPU. As a result, the rate and efficiency of the data processing system are improved, and the regulation of the working voltage regulator is also improved, such as: low output working voltage, large output current, high transition, no quick response, etc.

5, throughout the switch power supply structure

It is divided into two levels and three levels, suitable for ultra-high speed integrated circuit chips and large and medium-sized digital switching systems.

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