Switching power supply is very different from normal power supply
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Switching power supply is very different from normal power supply

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2020-12-19 11:28:50CTR:

Many people do not understand the switching power supply, may sound very strange, but in fact it is used everywhere in our daily life. It is mainly used to convert the voltage and current of AC power supply and DC power supply. The equipment is widely used in electronic equipment with the characteristics of small size, light weight and high efficiency. However, this device is very different from the ordinary power supply, so we must pay attention to the distinction when choosing or using it, so as not to cause hidden dangers.

1. What is a switching power supply

The rapid development of modern power electronics technology has provided strong technical support for the research and development and use of switching power supply. With modern technology, the switching time ratio can be better turned on and off. It is a stable voltage output power supply equipment. Compared with the ordinary power supply, this kind of power supply equipment is to directly convert the alternating current to the direct current, and then use the vibration circuit to control the current on and off through the switch. It's very efficient, and it saves a lot of energy, so it's very widely used now.


2. The main difference between the two

The general power supply is mostly linear power supply, which mainly adjusts the power circuit under the linear state. The switching power supply is mainly used in the work with on or off two states to work, the main difference between the two is the different way of working. The current acting by linear power supply is continuous, which consumes more and works less efficiently due to different working modes.

When the switching power supply is in operation, the voltage is adjusted through the inductance coil for temporary storage, which greatly reduces the loss, but also improves the work efficiency, the requirements for heat dissipation is also very low, so the overall advantage is also reflected. The two different power supply, to adapt to different work needs, specific to the actual use of the situation to choose.

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