What factors should be considered in the selection of DC-DC power supply modules?
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What factors should be considered in the selection of DC-DC power supply modules?

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2020-12-19 11:50:41CTR:

With the development of The Times, most of the products we use in daily life need to use DC-DC power module. Besides the voltage conversion function, what other factors should be considered when using DC-DC power module? Let's take a look at it today.

1. Rated power

The actual power usually recommended is 30 to 80 percent of the module's power rating. Within this power range, the performance of all aspects of the module power supply is relatively sufficient and stable. The load is too light, resulting in wasted resources. If it is too heavy, it is not conducive to temperature rise and reliability.

2. Working frequency

Generally speaking, the higher the working frequency, the lower the output ripple noise, the better the dynamic response of the power supply, especially the components. The higher the requirements of magnetic materials are, the higher the cost will be. Therefore, the switching frequency of domestic module power supply products is mostly lower than 300 kHz, and even some are only about 100 kHz. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the dynamic response requirements under load changes. On the other hand, when the module power switch frequency is close to the working frequency of the signal, it is easy to cause the beat oscillation. This should also be taken into account in the selection.

dc-dc power module

3. Isolation voltage

In general, the power isolation voltage is not very demanding on the module, but higher isolation voltage can ensure the module power supply has less leakage current, higher safety and reliability, and better EMC characteristics. Universal isolation voltage higher than 1500 VDC.

4. Fault protection

Relevant statistics show that the main cause of module power failure in the expected effective time is the damage under external failure conditions, and the possibility of normal use failure is very low. Therefore, an important part of extending the power life of the module and improving the reliability of the system is to choose the product with perfect protection function. That is to say, when the external circuit of the module power supply fails, the module power supply can automatically enter the protection state without permanent failure, and the external failure should be able to disappear and automatically return to normal.

The protection function of module power supply should include input, over voltage, under voltage and soft start protection at least; Output over voltage, over current, short circuit protection, high power products should also have over temperature protection function.

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