How to start the power module difficulty? What are the reasons for this?
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How to start the power module difficulty? What are the reasons for this?

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-10-31 09:23:14CTR:

Xiaobian recently received a lot of customer consultation, power module in the start of more difficult when what is the reason? Because the module power supply has isolation function, strong anti-interference ability, has its own protection function, it is easy to integrate.

The modular design of the power module greatly shortens the design and development cycle of the product and makes it easy to use. If the power module is not used properly, it will be difficult to start. There are two main reasons why the power module cannot be started normally, one is that the output load is too large, and the other is that the input energy is insufficient.

First of all, the power module is difficult to start or even unable to start in the case of less destructive conditions. During the use of the power module, you can see that the output voltage of the power module is normal. The output terminal has no output and the power module is not damaged. Why is that?

Power supply module

External capacitance is too high; The capacitive load is too large; Too much load current; Insufficient input power and other reasons.

To solve this problem, the external capacitance can be improved by adjusting the capacitance or input power of the output and load. Therefore, it is difficult to start the power module for a long time at startup, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate capacitance load.

When the capacitive load is too large, the appropriate inductor can be connected first. If the output load is too heavy, extend the startup time and select the appropriate load. Switch to more powerful input power.

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