How to choose the right power module
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How to choose the right power module

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-09-09 11:37:43CTR:

1. Principle and technology of circuit design

Only from a professional point of view can the principle of circuit and circuit quality be distinguished. At present, the power module can be divided into two types: bare plate and filled seal. The bare board can be divided into two types in an intuitive way, such as reasonable, orderly, generous, orderly layout of electronic components, bright welding spot and straight. However, the packing and sealing module cannot see inside, but because it is not exposed, it is much better in terms of safety and performance indicators. The welding process may include both manual and wave soldering. The welding quality of mechanized wave soldering is better than manual welding.

2. Components of the chip

The core of the power supply is the integrated circuit, which is like the brain of the power supply. The quality of integrated circuit directly affects the parameters of power supply.

Power supply module

3. Transformer components

Determine the power supply, temperature resistance, etc. are transformers. The transformer is responsible for the completion of ac and DC power, and the energy overload will saturate the bomber.

4. Electrolytic and ceramic capacitors

Electrolytic capacitor and high reliability due to an entirely monolithic capacitor, it USES sulfate as an insulating medium, can make the volume smaller, plus + symbols on it and some mark symbol, is generally used in low frequency crosslinking and the bypass filter, the disadvantage is that meson loss is big, high reliability due to an entirely monolithic electrolytic capacitor, due to the use of special materials, performance is superior to the ordinary electrolytic, frequency characteristic is better, but the capacity to do too much. Can be used in precision circuits, such as oscillators, or timing circuits.

Ceramic capacitors include ceramic dielectric capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, ceramic tube capacitors, ceramic semi-variable capacitors. It is mainly non-polar, dielectric material good, capacity can not do too much. Suitable for high frequency circuit.

5. Batch test for aging and high temperature aging

No matter how well a product's materials and production processes are controlled, it is necessary to test for aging. Because the input detection of electronic components and transformers is difficult to control, only through the aging and high temperature sampling of the whole batch of power supply, can we detect the quality stability of this batch of power supply and whether there are safety risks in the material.

6. Management methods and incoming materials

Finally, whether the strict management means and the supervision of the incoming material finally become the final guarantee of whether the quality of its power products can be guaranteed.

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