What should we pay attention to when the module power is applied
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What should we pay attention to when the module power is applied

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-07-10 14:00:19CTR:

1. Use under very light load

Generally, the module power supply has a minimum load limit, which varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is generally about 10%, because the energy storage element will appear current discontinuity when the load is too light, resulting in unstable output voltage, which is determined by the working principle of the power supply itself. However, if the user does have a light load or even no load, the most convenient and effective method is to add a dummy load of about 2% of the output power, which can be set by the module manufacturer prior to leaving the factory, or the user can install an appropriate resistance outside the module as the load. It is worth noting that if you choose the former, you will reduce module efficiency. However, some circuit topologies do not have a minimum load limit.

2. Multi-channel output power distribution

Take bidirectional products as an example, there are generally two kinds: one is the double-channel balanced load, that is, the size of the double-channel current is the same; Another is unbalanced load, namely advocate complementary way load current is different, the main circuit is big, small cars for such products, suggested that auxiliary circuit and main circuit power ratio is 1 or less 5 or less 1 2 or less, within the scope of this can ensure the voltage stability of the auxiliary circuit (which can be less than 5%), otherwise the auxiliary circuit voltage high or low in choosing a multiplexed output module power supply, to pay attention to the power allocation between different output. On the other hand, if the two loads are different, try not to choose the balanced load module power supply, because this power supply is designed for symmetrical loads, if the load is not balanced, the voltage precision of the auxiliary circuit will not be high.

Power supply module

3. Reduce the temperature rise of module power supply as much as possible

The working temperature of the internal device directly affects the life of the module power supply. The lower the temperature of the device, the longer the life of the module. Under certain working conditions, the loss of the module power supply is certain, but by improving the cooling condition of the module power supply, the temperature rise can be reduced, thus greatly extending the service life of the module. In addition, in the case of high ambient temperature or poor air circulation conditions, modules should be used to reduce power consumption to reduce temperature rise and extend service life.

4. Install properly to reduce mechanical stress

The mode of extraction of the module power supply is metal needle, and the module power supply is connected with the external circuit, and the metal needle and the internal circuit of the module power supply are connected by welding. In some special occasions, mechanical vibration intensity is large, especially the radiator to be installed in the power supply of the high-power module, the situation is more serious. Although the insulated rubber in the module power supply ACTS as a good buffer and protection element, the solder joint may not withstand the strong vibration stress and break, leading to the failure of the module power supply. Additional fixing and buffering measures must be taken on top of the welding.

In short, module power, like other components, only after careful selection and reasonable application, in order to maximize its performance, reliability can be fully guaranteed, module power will be more widely used!

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