The basic knowledge that power module shell buys is very important!
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The basic knowledge that power module shell buys is very important!

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-27 11:52:29CTR:

I. In terms of the operation temperature problem of power module, there will be great differences at home and abroad. Chinese manufacturers are basically included in a certain operating temperature range for application, while overseas manufacturers are basically included in the shell temperature of power module.

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On the other hand, the operating temperature of the enterprise goods highlights the special industry of the manufacturer, if some manufacturers can be civil class, industrial type or large truck class.

When the temperature of module shell exceeds 125℃, the internal temperature should be controlled within 150℃, but this level is difficult for the present stage. The key reason is that the power module is more and more practical, and the power is higher and higher.

The hotter the power supply, the more heat it gives off. Therefore, many power supply module manufacturers choose plastic shell, which can push heat pipe to dissipate heat more strongly and reduce temperature.

The temperature of the shell is closely related to the temperature of the components inside the commodity, which determines the service life and credibility of the module. High temperature will accelerate the embrittlement of components, control temperature range, can increase the service life and reduce the occurrence of common faults.

 Power supply module

Three, the power module in different applications and working temperatures, the choice of heat pipe heat dissipation methods are different. When in 30 or 40 degrees of working temperature under the application, the shell temperature exceeds 70 or 80 degrees, which counts as all normal applications, not in the enclosed indoor space can choose nature water cooling, add fan, add radiator countermeasures.

The operating temperature of the power module refers to the temperature at that time when everything is working normally. The temperature refers to the error from the normal temperature to the operating temperature. For different goods, the temperature will not be the same.

For example, the ac-DC power supply module is equipped with components, such as electrolytic capacitors, which are vulnerable to temperature hazards and thus reduce their service life. The base temperature will be between 20 ℃ and 40℃.

Usually in product research and development, carefully calculate the service life of important components and decide the operating temperature category. Although the DC-DC power module does not have electrolytic capacitor components, it is also other raw materials with temperature limits.

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