Let small make up to tell you the power module reliability test some ways!
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Let small make up to tell you the power module reliability test some ways!

Author: Zhongyiguang Guangzhou Technology Ltd release time:2020-06-04 11:51:26CTR:

Power module is the same as the key of electronic products, power module is very important to product quality! Therefore, when selecting the power module, its characteristics are crucial! The characteristics of power supply module are only the key main parameters such as safety factor, reliability, transformation efficiency, etc., which can be determined by inquiring the index values such as typing, output, ripple, differentiation, temperature and verification.

Power supply module

With the company and intelligent development trend of high and new science and technology, more and more companies attach importance to the quality of the goods and the application of time, the manufacturer must use professional way of testing equipment and related products, small make up mainly to tell you about today is what are the power supply module reliability test way, hope for your help and understanding!

Switch to detect

Input power supply, input voltage point, power supply module load is large, turn off in 15 seconds, keep working for 5 seconds or so.

Voltage detection

Test several actual operating overvoltages to see what overvoltages do to machinery and equipment.

Input transient high voltage detection

Rated voltage input, digital oscilloscope is used to record high voltage circulating system frequency, power overload operation, accumulative voltage jump operation again.

Power supply module

Unstable input power output dynamic load test

The input voltage is adjusted to unstable conversion and the output is adjusted to large load and full load conversion for continuous operation.

Output power wave pattern detection

Simulates spikes, burrs, pulse current and voltage inputs, detects power characteristics and major parameters, examines components and other questions and answers.

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