How to solve the low output voltage of switching power supply module?
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How to solve the low output voltage of switching power supply module?

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2021-02-04 15:57:01CTR:

Too high or too low output voltage is not good, today we will talk about the output voltage is too low to deal with the common problem. What are the problems caused by too low output voltage?

Can cause the overall system software can not work normally, in terms of People's Daily life commonly used examples, well, when the voltage is too low, the light bulb is not bright or dark out, this is really not to consider the requirements of the people.

If the voltage is too low for a long time, it will make the service life of the power circuit greatly lost, so how to deal with this problem?

Switching power supply module of the key indexes of the four is the output voltage precision, some technical engineers at the time that the precision of test supply voltage feedback, the output voltage is a bit low, considering it is concluded that the precision of the regulations on technical guide, is caused by what's going on, is testing the standard error or commodity itself is poor?

Usually, can be carried out according to the elimination method, first assume that the goods are good, in accordance with the detection method given by the manufacturer to carry out detection, if there is still a problem, you will be able to identify the basis for the poor quality of the goods.

First people to analyze, the reason why the output voltage is too low is what, so as to be able to symptomatic treatment.

1. Low input voltage or insufficient output power.

2. The output line is too long or too thin, resulting in excessive line loss.

3. The pressure drop of the anti-reverse connection secondary pipe at the typing end is too large.

4, type filter inductance is too large.

How should people deal with these reasons? Let's discuss the methods below.

Increase the voltage or switch to more power input power supply; Adjust the route, expand the cross-sectional area of the wire or reduce the length of the transmission line, reduce the internal resistance; Use secondary pipe with low pressure drop; Reduces the filter inductance value or reduces the internal resistance of the inductor.

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