How to deal with the difficult problems in the use of switching power supply
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How to deal with the difficult problems in the use of switching power supply

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At the present stage, there are many kinds of power modules in the sales market. The input voltage, power, function and topology of different power products are not the same. Its characteristics are all for microprocessors, integrated circuit chips, large digital signal processors, analog circuits, and other load power supply systems such as large digital or simulation.

The credibility of the power module is higher, but it will also produce common failures. The following small series will analyze several common power failures for you.

The output voltage is slightly lower

Switching power supply output voltage is too low, can let a level after the power supply circuit can't normal work, when in the microprocessor system software, the load suddenly, will pull low processor voltage power supply system, causes the microprocessor calibration, it will do all the power of the system software level circuit of devastating, leads to a child fell wrong franchising reflect destroyed the whole disk.

Is the output voltage too low generally caused by these reasons?

The output stage series several loads, in all normal work, the load must be very large transient current, resulting in the voltage is reduced in an instant, and then harm other series load; The output line is too long or too thin, resulting in excessive line loss.

In turn, a great pressure drop is caused between the lines, and finally, the output voltage of the power module is slightly lower when it reaches both sides of the real load. The pressure drop of the reverse connection secondary pipe is too large, and the downward pressure drop of the secondary pipe is usually in the middle of 0.3~0.7V.

If the output voltage of the power module is 5V, the current caused by the high voltage drop of the secondary will cause the voltage of the power circuit of the later stage to be slightly lower, and therefore not be able to work properly.

Control module in the field power supply circuit input filter inductance is too large, resulting in the increase of internal resistance, the current control efficiency is improved, when the post-load suddenly more and more heavy, the current supply is not on both sides of the load caused by slightly lower voltage.

High input voltage

Because the voltage capacity design scheme of some electronic components inside the power module is insufficient, when the input voltage is too high, the control module will be destroyed, so that the damage, it is necessary for people to do some maintenance in the external field.

What common reason is easy to cause high input voltage?

In the input end of the power module to carry out hot plug power, then its voltage peak and surge current are high, the pressure resistance of the control module will be instantaneous thermal breakdown damage.

The output load is too light, less than 12% of the rated load. For some power supply products of voltage regulator tubes in discrete systems, the control module may not be destroyed, but it will harm some characteristics of the later stage.

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