How to choose DC-DC power module
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How to choose DC-DC power module

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DC-DC power module is a very important part of the electrical appliances we use in our daily life. This part can directly affect the use effect of the electrical appliances. How to choose the DC-DC power module in the purchase of electrical appliances?

1. determine the type of input source.

Confirm that the input source of the module is AC or DC; Typically, the AC input uses the AC-DC module, and the DC input uses the DC-DC module.

2.choose the power supply and packaging type of the product according to the load size.

The products are available in single-in-line SIP packages, double-in-line DIP packages, small horizontal packages and rail packages (DIN).

In addition, LD/LH (5-25W) series products have packaging extension, suffix A2 is the wiring packaging, A4 is the guide rail packaging; For LH40, LH60 series products also have package extension, the suffix A5 is a wire package, A6 is a guide rail package.

DC-DC power module

3. Select the corresponding output voltage according to the load type.

Product output voltage is generally 3.3V, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 48V, ±5V, ± 12V, ±15V.

Unconventional voltage requirements can also be achieved by series combination. For example, the LH05-10A05 product can achieve an output voltage of 10VDC; LH10-10B05 and LH10-10B12 are combined in series to achieve an output voltage of 17VDC.

4. Select the isolation attribute module.

Isolation allows the input and output of a module to be completely independent (not common).

In the industrial bus system, it can be safely isolated in the harsh environment (lightning strike, arc interference), and can also eliminate the ground circuit; In the hybrid circuit, the noise isolation of sensitive analog circuit and digital circuit is realized. The voltage conversion is realized in the system.

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