How should the DC-DC power module be tested?
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How should the DC-DC power module be tested?

Author: Zhongyiguang .Ltd release time:2020-12-29 14:46:19CTR:

The DC-DC power module is an important part of some products, and it can even determine the operation of the products. How to ensure the service life of the DC-DC power module? It needs to be tested.

1.Short circuit test

No load short circuit test (allow power supply to be tested repeatedly from no load to short circuit), full load short circuit test (allow power supply to run continuously from full load to short circuit test), short circuit start (allow power supply to be tested repeatedly from short circuit to turn in power).

2. Switch on and off test

Input main power supply, over input voltage point, under input voltage point, maximum load of power supply module, short 5 seconds after continuous working for 15 seconds.

3. Input transient high voltage test

When the rated voltage is input, the number of high voltage cycles is recorded by oscilloscope. When the power supply is running at full load, the superimposed voltage jump continues to operate.

Dc-Dc power module

4. Unstable input power output dynamic load test

The input voltage is adjusted for an unstable conversion, and the output is adjusted for maximum load and no-load conversion for continuous operation.

5. Power waveform test

Simulate voltage inputs such as spikes, burrs and harmonics, test power performance and parameters, and view components and other issues.

6. Voltage testing

Test multiple operating overvoltages to see how they affect the device.

7. High and low temperature tests

Due to abnormal performance parameters of components under high and low temperature conditions, long-term testing can expose hidden dangers of products.

8. Insulation strength test

According to the insulation strength of the product increase value and continue to test to obtain the limits and abnormal conditions.

9. Anti-interference test

With EFT, the anti-interference voltage is set to different voltage levels for continuous impact resistance testing.

10. Input low voltage test

Test whether the low-voltage input of the power module continues, and if it is under voltage for a long time, whether the performance parameters of the power supply will be affected.

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