How to select the switching power supply? Three elements must be present
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How to select the switching power supply? Three elements must be present

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Switching power supply is a necessary important equipment in life, can be seen everywhere in life, if there is no control of the power switch, you cannot control the power off and open, resulting in a waste of power. Power switches are cheap on the market, but you should be careful when choosing them.

First, choose the appropriate voltage range

Life common sense tells us that the family voltage is 220V, so if the family use the switch should choose the 220V range of switching power supply. And other work has special requirements to be purchased in accordance with the requirements, there are not only 220V and 110V voltage in the market, generally common 220V type in the majority.

Second, the choice of power

When choosing switching power supply, power also needs to be taken into consideration, because the power switch belongs to a kind of electrical appliance, so it will lose power, rated power is bigger than the actual power, for example, what you want is the 220V1500W power switch, in fact, the choice of power switch should be greater than 220V1500W.

Switching power supply

If the power selected is 1500W, the power switch will be damaged when the power ratio of the electrical appliance used is higher than the power switch. Because it can not bear the large power, so it is better to be big than small.

Third, heat dissipation assistance

Because the power switch will generate heat in the process of working, it is necessary to have a heat dissipation device, which can dissipate the heat generated by the power switch. If there is no heat dissipation device, the excessively high temperature will cause fire hazard. Therefore, the power switch with heat dissipation device should be selected in the purchase.

In a word, the switch power supply should be selected with heat dissipation devices, and the switch with high power should be selected to prevent overload caused by too little power. In addition, the power switch should be chosen with a protective device in case the user is electrocuted.

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